Core Values
Culture is the soul of an enterprise. A good enterprise can not only effectively increase its production value but also promote image enhancement and brand construction. To intensify efficient operation and standardize management, creating an active cultural atmosphere is necessary for enterprise success. “1-Mind 9-Innovation” is exactly the core values of Taihe people.
1. One Mind in Taihe
We’ll truly be of one mind by cohesion, value of life, and keeping path with times. We will earnestly create a new leader group, focus on people orientation, customer services, and innovative Taihe, and co-establish a harmonious society and a fairly well-off life.
2. Realizing Objectives by Innovative Concept
Guidance, thought, motivation, and behavior are the elements of one’s attitude and decide his ability, value, and loveliness. New thought comes from triumph over the old concept, which is called mind element update. The talent always keeps his eye on objectives, wants to achieve success and unhurriedly triumphs over his mind update to obtain business success and wealth. Mentality determines success. “Innovative concept” pushes us to study, progress and increase our sense of responsibility constantly.
3. Striving for Civilization by Innovative Study
In place of narration, good character/figure utilization is a skill and the foundation of communication. We should put it into efficient application and enhance cooperative quality. Excellent expression ability (being well-related) can bring you smooth running from “bad” to “good” and from “good” to “excellent”. We should scientifically utilize character/figure to give a powerful support on speech. And we value politeness, virtue, loyalty, and life Value. We follow the idea of Striving for Civilization by Innovative Study and Defeating Oneself by Modesty.
4. Innovative Standard & Rigorous Requirement
We should be strict with ourselves to be pragmatical, honest, and strict. Rigor indicates strict temperament, rigorous quality control and zero defective products. We will work carefully, offer helps, and implement innovative standards.

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